In the moments following my birth, Daniel began to speak,

“Got it!” he said.

He got me. I was alive. Then I committed my first sin, unintentionally. I burned him. “Fuck!” he shouted, before putting his tongue to his finger and fanning it out. Then he jumped from the chair to the floor, bending his knees as he landed. He looked up at me once again before quickly averting his eyes, rubbing them. Then I heard another voice, Crys’, in the distance.

“How is it?”

“Good, I guess. Fucker burned me, though.”

A moment of silence lapsed and I pondered the implications of Daniel’s words, growing fearful.

“Well, is it brighter and less yellow than the other ones? That’s what the guy from Home Depot said about LED’s.”

“Jesus Crys, I don’t know! It’s a light bulb. What do you want me to say? It’s shining. It’s working. Who gives a shit?”

Another flash of silence invaded my light as Daniel shook his head and muttered something unintelligible under his breath.

“Okay, thanks honey,” Crys closed, a slight inflection in her voice.

Something inside me took over and I dimmed, fading Daniel’s face, puzzling him. Then he turned around, opened the door, and swiped a small switch on the wall, turning me off to dwell in the darkness.

. . .