Seoul, from Above


When I look back on my expedition of Asia, of course I remember the amazing tourist attractions—the unparalleled might of the Great Wall of China, the indomitable effect of Mt. Everest, the flashing lights and technological wonders of Tokyo. But, for some reason, my mind always circles back to one city in particular—Seoul. Seoul has taken permanency in the reserves of my memory, the bountiful city of Seoul and the unrelenting hospitality and kindness of my host, Sooncheon. Perhaps when an experience affects you so deeply, it draws you closer to it. I look back on Seoul with a sense of intrigue, wonder, and a longing to return. I miss Seoul—the beauty of the ridged mountainous landscape, the curious and fun-loving way of life, the joyfulness and warmth of the Korean people, and the energizing and uplifting spirit of the city. I do hope I see Sooncheon again one day so I can tell him in person.

. . .


Language editor: Steph Kim