Shearing Sheep

"Shearing Sheep." Amended May 2020. 3,000 words.

"Shearing Sheep" is a literary fiction story centering on themes of identity, legacy, and juvenile love.

Particularly Blue

"Particularly Blue." Mar 2019. 2,500 words.

“Particularly Blue” is a literary fiction story that centers on themes of paranoia, grief, and insecurity.

The Golden Lion

"The Golden Lion." Aug 2018. 2,600 words.

“The Golden Lion” is a literary fiction story that centers on themes of freedom versus imprisonment. In particular, the story juxtaposes zoos and jails, suggesting they are synonymous in nature, and, more deeply, explores the dichotomy of human existence versus animal existence.

Seoul, from Above

"Seoul, from Above." Jan 2019. 5,800 words.

“Seoul, from Above” is a fictional memoir that centers on themes of sentimentality, friendship, and, ultimately, perspective.


"Bandit." July 2018. 500 words.

“Bandit” is a literary fiction short story that grapples with the tradeoff between job security and self-fulfillment. More deeply, the story explores the dichotomy of happiness versus dissatisfaction. Written in first-person narrative, the story uses the metaphor of the raccoon as well as flashbacks to provide social commentary regarding one’s deeper purpose in life.


"Home." Jan 2018. 6,100 words.

Following years at sea, a lone plane crash survivor returns to contemporary society. Upon his arrival, he reflects on his voyage.


"Observations." Mar 2018. 4,000 words.

A lightbulb observes, and attempts to understand, the dialogue and actions of the occupants of the house where it is kept.

Five Flamingos

"Five Flamingos." Apr 2018. 1000 words.

A memoir and inquiry into the significance of a rather peculiar creature.


"Salami." Aug 2017. 4,600 words.

A man is encouraged to rescue an alligator from the local zoo.

The Falls

"The Falls." Sep 2017. 3,400 words.

A man struggling with aquaphobia recounts his past, and considers facing his fear.


"Roses." Dec 2017. 1,400 words.

When asked to assist with the development of a Crossword, a man sees an opportunity to gain favour with his love interest.

The Dilemma, or, Baka, the Mystic Crocodile

"The Dilemma, or, Baka, the Mystic Crocodile." Sep 2017. 3,200 words.

When a man is offered an opportunity at redemption, he considers his options.